• Gastronomy in Santorini

    Gastronomy in Santorini


The soil of Santorini with its distinctive and anhydrous (dry) volcanic nature produces agricultural products that have a unique flavor. From the mouth-watering Santorini tomatoes and the fava beans that have been cultivated for the past four millennia, to the rare white aubergines and tangy wild capers that grow among the dry stone walls, here are the products that are as unique as their land of origin:

Santorini tomatoes-sundried, fresh or paste is the most famous PDO product of Santorini. Always juicy and full of aromas, gives a special add on to the palette.

Fava- a special legume from a different variety of fava bean, Lathyrus Clymenum, found only in Santorini.

White Aubergine- with a sweet taste, little seeds and the minimum absorption of oil while fried.

Caper- buds and leaves of a wild bush, thriving in rocky areas. A necessary ingredient for salads, fava or even as seasoning to different plates.

Hloro tyri – fresh goat cheese with a creamy texture, made by locals, usually for domestic use.

There is a broad selection of restaurants on the island, ranging from luxurious to more humble places. Indulge to the culinary history of the island and taste the chefs’ suggestions every single moment of your visit.

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